Training, but stuck on the same fitness level?

Are you spending hours after hours on the road and gym, but you are still stuck on the fitness level? Maybe first your progress was fast and everything went well, but now nothing happens. This happens to many of us and there can many reasons behind this scene, which we going through in this post.

Reasons behind the lack of progress

The first thing is the look at your training diary. Many of us use some kind of watch and apps which record our training, or maybe you write everything down. The more details you have, the deeper inside you will get. This might take time, so don’t rush.

Check what you have done previously. Do you have a favourite exercise which you do often? Why, because they are easy? Do you exercise which you avoid? Why, because you don’t like them or they are too hard? Training is not always easy, and be able to make progress we have to step out of our comfort zone sometimes. The positive thing is that your comfort zone expands when your fitness raises up.

Is your training monotonous, lack strength and other types of training? How about the average heart rate, running pace and distance? If your heart rate and the pace are always kind of similar, you don’t get enough challenge. If we are speaking about endurance running, most of the training should be done easy pace with basic endurance level, low heart rate zones. Training terrain, route and distance also make a huge impact on the end results. Using the same route might be comfortable and safe but it does not definitely challenge you. Including the hills and different terrains gives a variable impact on your legs.

There should also be variance in the amount of training if you always run quite the same amount your body get used to it. On the other hand, if you alternate between a long period of rest and a short period of hard training, you will burn yourself out. There should always be a structure. Sometimes people’s training is okay, but their nutrition, sleep habit, rest and recovery are not. Also, all other external and internal factors affect, such as stress.

what you can do?

Keep eye on your training. Make sure there are enough variance and other factors on life are good state. If these aspects are okay, increase the amount of training, but do this slowly and carefully. Program your training, by making long and short term goals. If you struggle, ask for help!

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