Testimonials from coaching clients and customers.

Personalised running coaching

“I have been working with Hanna now for while, not only have I achieved my goals, but I have also learned a lot. The exercises always come with nice extra spices that make exercises fun, yet developing and challenging. I have gained so much speed and strength and get structure to my day. -P. S.”

“Clear workouts and speed/heart rate zones, my training has come more clearness. My running technique has improved and strengthened with the warm-up and with the versatile workout. Enough challenge and a lot of new things learned. Now I have more confidence to run. It’s wonderful that someone motivates weekly and make interesting exercises! -J. L.”

“Working with Hanna has had a huge impact on my running. I have trained with a couple of other coaches before and feel that I have been left alone with a training plan, now I have a training plan that focuses not only on training but take an account other hustles and bustle of life, with such positive feedback and outcome. -J. M.”

“I’m excited about the future. I can focus 100% on running without stressing about designing the program itself! The feedback is always supportive and helpful. -M. M.”

Strong body series

“I love these, clear pictures and instructions. -Anna”

“Plyometric is my favourite, wonderfully challenging and varied. Jumping and stair training was pretty new for me, but it’s wonderful to see progress. I love training outdoors! -Mike”

“I like ready-made training sessions, but sometimes I also mix the exercises from all the guides together. It’s nice to sometimes skip the gym, I get an effective workout at home. -Janne”

Warm-up and running drills

“My running technique has really improved a lot in a short time and the running feels much lighter. -Michael”

“I’ve done warm-ups before but got new moves. A good stimulant for the body. -J.K.”

“I feel that I have gained a lot more power to the run. And I don’t feel stiff anymore at the beginning of the run. -Petra”

Tapering for the marathon

“… all the little details in together. -Anna”

“This really helped me to get ready for my virtual marathon. Thank you! -Johan”

“…contain everything essential. I learned some new things after reading the guide and came across things that have never been considered. -Katju”

“I liked that the guide also tells you what to look for after a marathon. -K.L.”


“Really clear programs and strength training are a nice addition. -James”

“I started with an easier program and then moved on to a more challenging one. I improved my run speed a lot. -Emma”


“Hanna has a kind and enthusiastic way of giving training and recovery advice – a great advocate for running and fitness! -Daniel”

“Your page is really interesting and informative. A lot more people need to read these! -Dexter”