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TuuSa sports products and training plans

Do you want variety and something new in your training? Are you a more experienced trainee who is looking for new challenges? Or are you a beginner or has your fitness collapsed? Versatile training plans, products and guides give new energy to training. All programs are clearly structured and suitable for all levels. We can also build a suitable training program for you in personalised coaching.

All products, training plans and additional information can be found below. The joy of exercise!

running plans

running plans

Running programs from 5km to a marathon, for a different level athlete, helps you structure your training without massive investments. Include strength and mobility training.

personalised running coaching

personalised running coaching

Personalised running programs help you to achieve your goals with a help of a professional coach. Program planning takes account of your training background, goals, current training status, life, etc. Weekly communication and support.

marathon tapering guide

marathon tapering guide

The marathon tapering guide tells you everything that you should know before the start line. Including tapering weeks of training, nutrition, energy intake during the race, mental preparation, gear check for different weather conditions, recovery and much more. Don’t panic, and don’t spend time reading tons of different books, when you can have them all in one place. Suitable for every level.

custom running plan

The custom running plan is designed for you, according to your goals and level. It helps you achieve your goals without committing to a coach. This is an excellent choice if you have a running background and are training for a running event or competition. The plan is also suitable if you are new to running and want clarity on your training and learn how to train in a way that suits you.

warm-up and running drills

warm-up & running drills

The warm-up and running drills guide includes over 30 illustrated exercises to warm up and activate your muscles for the training session. It teaches how to build proper warm-up, improve technique and get more muscle activation for your running.

strength training plan

strong body series

Three-part exercise series help you to build a strong body! Exercises are designed for endurance sports but are suitable for everyone else too. You can easily modify the number of sets and reps, as well as the repetition tempo. A strong body guide advises how to do it. It doesn’t matter if you are new in the strength training world or experienced trained. You can train at home or at the gym!


Did the products and training plans raise any questions? Did something leave you wondering? Are you thinking about the suitability of one of the training plans for you? Feel free to contact us!