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Who am I? There are a few things that could describe me and my interests, but  I try my best and keep this short.

  • Certified Running coach
  • Dip. in Sport Science
  • Sports massage and classical massage therapist
  • Distance runner (marathon lover)
  • Plant-based food lover
  • Bookworm and nerd

Sport is always playing the part of my life and I have played several different sports until long-distance running stole my hurt. In the beginning, I wasn’t good at all, but that’s fascinated me to work hard.

I studied Sports Science in the UK, which after I did my massage certification. Now I have own business TuuSa Sports, that offer massage therapy and running coaching.

I will post everything that I’m interested, such as books, research, plant-based food, sports especially running, science, psychology, mind power and positivity. Post topics are the mix of science and some lighter speak. If you have any wish send your comment or if you want to follow me in the other media, all the links are below.

All collaboration suggestion, please send me an email using the box down below or tuusarunning@gmail.com  x

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