About me

Hello and warmest welcome!

Here you can find my story and what’s is TuuSa Sports.

TuuSa Sports is the website that focuses on sport, especially of running. The keywords are:

Sport performance, running coaching and technique, muscle relief and recovery, physiology and physiological stress, biomechanics, strength and conditioning.

A blog consists of all these subjects and everything else, like training tips, book reviews, science talks, etc. The points are to offer knowledge, motivation and ideas to all runners and sports people out there, whether you are experienced trainer or just seeking to start your journey of a healthier lifestyle.

The word TuuSa coming from two words, or more specifically two names. Tuu is the beginning of my mother name and Sa is the beginning of our family name. When I designed my business I wanted to name that means something, and mother has always been the biggest supporter of my life, which motivate me to continue to pursue my passion. Sports and running. This way hopefully I can help and motivate you too!

Who I am?

My name is Hanna. I’m always been active, and sports is being my life since childhood, I have played several different sports, but about ten years ago distance running took my heart. To be honest, first I hated it. I wasn’t good at all, but that also fascinated me, I wanted to improve myself and began better. So in the first month of running “career”, I decided that I will run marathon. One year later I ran my first marathon since then there was been several marathons, some good ones and some bad ones.

Sports took me to England, where I studied Sports Science, after that, I did my running coaching certification and massage therapy license. I love science and reading, I want to learn more all the time and share that knowledge to you.

I work as a running coach currently in Lahti, Finland. But my online coaching programs are available around the world.

Welcome to the world of TuuSa Sports!


All collaboration suggestion, please send me an email using the box down below or tuusasports@gmail.com  x


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