OTHER: Feeling pressure?

Do you ever feel pressure? Do you compare yourself to others? Do buy things because someone else has those same?

It’s easy to compare yourself others, especially nowadays as you can see runners everywhere. Social media is one of the worst places to get low self-esteem. Scrolling Jatka lukemista ”OTHER: Feeling pressure?”


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SCIENCE TALK: recovery enough?

Are you training often? Are your timing your training to be beneficial?

We all know people who train twice a day, or maybe you do that too. Most of the people train once a day or less, but at some point of development, two exercises a day are necessary when levels and goals are increasing. Recovery plays a huge role when training amount or intensity are increased. This is not only considering those who are training twice a Jatka lukemista ”SCIENCE TALK: recovery enough?”


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SCIENCE TALK: Energy systems and strength training

There are three energy systems in human body. I’m not going to explain how they break down, to avoid making this post extra long. I’m going to briefly introduce them and explain their relationship to strength training especially for distance runners and why runners should vary strength training types. Jatka lukemista ”SCIENCE TALK: Energy systems and strength training”

REVIEW: Born to run book

Born to Run – Christopher McDougall

I get every runner are already read this book. I read it a few years an ago, but it’s still one of my favorite running book.

If you haven’t read it yet, here’s why you should. Born to run is the best seller book, which has found runners and non-runners all over the world. Jatka lukemista ”REVIEW: Born to run book”

SCIENCE TALK: Uphill and downhill running technique and benefits

Life is full of uphill and downhills so is running. Expect that in running downhill are nicer than real life.

Correct form to run uphill Jatka lukemista ”SCIENCE TALK: Uphill and downhill running technique and benefits”