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Reach an interested and active audience. I offer professional and genuine content. The presented products and services are always carefully selected, and I do not do anything that is not connected with my values. Healthy lifestyles and physical and mental well-being are important to me and they are represented on my social media channels.

Almost everything related to sports, movement, health and books interests me. In addition to that, nature, economy, communication and everyday life arouse interest. I am open to new things and I like to get to know different areas, and I am constantly updating my knowledge about new trends and fields of science. Writing, reading, communication, and social media channels are part of my life.


Mature and enlightened followers around the world. I make posts in both English and Finnish. There are more than 300 blog posts already, you can familiarize yourself with them on the home page.

Find out more about me on TuuSa Sports or my personal Hanna Saarinen Instagram.

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  • Ochy article: The Role of Biomechanics in Running: How Proper Technique Enhances Performance and Reduces Injury Risk
  • TCK Publishing: Dr Bondanna Zazulak – Master your core book review
  • Neil Pasricha – You are awesome book review
  • Vantaa marathon website article
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