Running programs

Running programs are easy to modify for your level. They include a variable training session and an introduction to how to set up the correct paces. Two different level plans ensure that they are suitable for many runners, whether you are a beginner or an advanced runner. You can also switch to the second plan once you have finished the first one.

Why pick one of the plans?

There are several running programs, that you can pick right for you. They are not only running plans but some of them also include strength and stretching workouts. They are designed to meet the target race times. The plans are very easy to follow.

And the good news is if you start the slower plans, you can begin the second plan after that. So, you will get two plans for the price of one. For example, if you select the Silver plan and run through the beginner training plan, you can move to another plan after that and try to challenge yourself by running a faster half marathon except for the 5km running plan, which includes three different plans. The number of weekly exercises depends on the program. The number of weekly kilometres depends on the speed and fitness level of the runner, the programs include runs based on both distance and time, for faster runners the number of kilometres is slightly higher. The amount of running increases steadily little bit all the time, also the speed development during the program naturally increases the number of runs a little.

Plans come in easily readable and downloadable pdf -files.

Achieve your goals and be unstoppable!

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“Really clear programs and strength training are a nice addition. -James”

“I started with an easier program and then moved on to a more challenging one. I improved my run speed a lot. -Emma”

  • How many kilometers are there per week?
    • The weekly amount of kilometers depends on the runner’s fitness level and running pace. The number of runs also depends on the selected program, for example:
      • In the 5 km program, the duration of the exercises is 12-120 min, in the couch to 5 km program the exercises are significantly shorter and lighter than the fastest possible 5 km.
      • Bronze program: 30–90 min
      • Silver program: 30–120 min
      • Gold program 30–180 min
  • What level are the programs for?
    • Each program contains two programs of different levels, except the 5 km program has three of different levels. There are thus programs for many different levels. For example, the 5 km first program is designed for beginners, including walking and running. Whereas, for example, the second program in the marathon guide is for somewhat experienced runners.
  • What if I’m not sure if the program is right for my level?
    • The guides contain 2–3 programs, so you can choose the one that suits you. In several guides, the time targets are also relatively flexible with a large difference, because each of us develops at a different pace, according to our own background. In addition to this, the speeds of the programs can be easily adjusted to suit you.
  • What equipment is needed for strength training?
    • Strength training can be done either at home or at the gym, depending on the equipment. Some of the exercises use weights, but you can do them without weights, or use a resistance band or filled water bottles.
  • What can I expect from the program?
    • Each program is built in an upward direction. The number of runs will increase slightly as the program progresses. In addition to light jogging, the programs also offer speed training, where you can challenge yourself and develop your speed.