Failing the performance – Returning after the failing

DNF, failed performance, struggles during the performance are familiar to most of the athletes. Not only professionals but amateur too. It doesn’t matter how hard we worked, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Returning can be difficult, so what you should do after failing to be able to make a better return?

Failing is not the end of the world

Failing is not the end of the world, even if might feel like that. First, figure out the reasons why you failed. Why your performance wasn’t to the level you expected to be it. Was it due to training aspects, physiological or psychological reasons, or all of them? Did you set too high and unrealistic goals?

Training aspects include; training-recovery ratio, nutrition, amount of training and training types. How much there were certain aspects? Unbalanced training doesn’t develop all necessary factors enough. It can lead to underperformance or overtraining. These are connected to physiological factors, which include all the training physiology, such as lactate, VO2max, training adaptation, etc. Training intensity, amount, technique, all the factors either give a positive or negative impact on physiological factors and body functions.

Psychological factors such as motivation types, mental pressure, self-confidence have a huge impact on performance. Mental training is as important as physiological training. Visualization, positive self-talk, meditation and other mental exercises increase confidence and help with performance as well as training.


Once, you have looked them back and figure out what you did previously, focus on the future. Don’t be too harsh to yourself when listing your mistakes. We all do them. Focus on how you can change things. Maybe you can ask for help from others, get yourself a coach, change your training routine. Add your training the exercises you have avoided because you didn’t like them. Make realistic goals and steps on how to achieve your goals.

Set deadlines, and decide when you want to achieve your goals. Write down your goals, and why you want them. What motivates you? Don’t worry, if you fail your deadlines, because sometimes unexpected things happen and slow us down.

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