Does running ever get easier?

Does running get easier? Yes. But of course, there are always certain limits. If you are training regularly and systematically, you will become stronger and develop better fitness and physiology.

What affect to development?

You might remember the moment when you started to run. It was hard and get tired fast, but you get better and better all the time. At some point, we all hit the wall and the process stop or become slower. It might feel that running is hard and difficult again, you don’t make any progress.

Of course, our age, distance and pace, physiological factors and some temporarily external factors such as weather always affect our development. The older we get, the slower the progress will be, and at some point, we also become slower runners. Also the longer we run and the faster we want to run, the more difficult it be.

There is also a mental aspect. You might do physical training and be a good shape, but if your out of the game mentally, or that’s your weak stop, running will feel hard. That’s why I always suggest focusing on mental strength too, as it can slow you down.


Running will get easier if you are happy to stay at the same level all time. Otherwise, there will be an easier period and a difficult one too. For example, if you want to run a sub 4:00 marathon, which means a 5:41/km pace and your current marathon pace is 6:23/km. To be able to get your goal, you need to step out of your comfort zone during the training. At first, 6:15/km will feel too fast and hard, but after a while, it will get easier and you are ready to move on to the next pace. Progress goes in cycles, something that is hard will become easier, when you work for it.

So, yes, running gets easier. You just need to work for it. Of course, you will reach your best at some point, but most people, never work that hard. And it’s not wrong to stay at the same level. You just need to remember, that body needs a physical and mental challenge sometimes, which guarantee the best health.

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