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Let’s continue the must-read book list, now it’s the turn of training books. This category is so wide. There are biographies, guide book, different sports, etc.

I tried to contain here a little bit everything, but mostly running-related books or books that might be helpful and motivational for runners. My booklist is way too long, it’s consist scientific training book, inspirational training books and everything. So if you are looking for some kind of book which is not this list, don’t hesitate to ask. I tried to keep this list relatively short. Again, if you have any suggestion, or have read excellent training book, leave a comment below and share it others!


  • Tim Noakes – Lore of running
  • Jack Daniels – Daniel’s Running formula

These two books every runner should read at some point. They explain everything you need to know about running, training, how body function during running, etc. Lore of running is a little bit fatter book and older, there is more science, whereas Daniel’s book is newer and focus more on training and include tons of different exercises.

  • Paula Radcliffe – Paula: My story so far

A little bit old book, but Radcliffe’s story. Radcliffe is one of the most amazing women runner, who held the world record over a decade. This book very honest, and raw, but still motivational.

  • Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness – The Passion Paradox

The passion paradox is not only a running book, but it also consists the whole life. How can you follow your passion in all area of life.

  • Christie Aschwanden – Good to go

Science-based books about recovery, including sports drinks and latest trends. If you are not good with recovery, this is for you.

  • David Epstein – the sports gene

The science behind talent practice and the truth about success. Is the elite athlete different than normal people? Nature vs nurture.

  • Davis Joyce, Daniel Lewindon – High-performance training for sports

Sports training manual, focus on strength and conditioning. Excellent for athletes, coaches and those who are interested in training in a deeper perspective. Improving and maintaining good condition.

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