Active and passive recovery

Balanced training takes rest into account. There is active and passive recovery, each with its own good points. Passive rest is easier for most and active rest often turns too hard and exhausting.

Active and passive recovery

Passive rest means direct rest, it does not contain activities or anything where the body has to work. Sleep is one of the most effective examples of passive rest. Passive rest is important and beneficial, it lowers the risk of injury and works really well if you are physically or mentally tired. This also allows the muscles to recover and repair the small micro-tears in the muscles caused by exercise.

Active rest means light exercise and movement, such as walking or cycling. Heart rates and intensity remain low throughout. Active rest can help remove lactate from the blood and the so-called metabolic waste from the body. When your body feels tight and your muscles sore after training, light movement can speed recovery better than just being still. With light movement, the blood circulation becomes more efficient, but the intensity does not become too great that it negatively affect future exercises.

when to perform both?

It is a good idea to include both active and passive rest in the weekly program. Passive rest automatically comes in the form of sleep, so the most important thing is to invest in a good night’s sleep. Active rest should be included in the rest days, or after strenuous exercise for the same day. For example, if you go to a high-intensity workout in the morning, you can take a light walk in the evening. On the other hand, if you train hard in the evening and have a workout the next day, you can wake up your body lightly in the morning.

Finding the right balance for everyone is key. The key is to learn to listen to your body’s messages and feelings. There are many types of fatigue and muscle aches, and you need to be able to react to them properly.

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