Race Day: What you can control and what you can’t

Spring is approaching and for many, the race season is approaching at the same time. Many things affect the day of the race and how the race goes. Considering what you can control yourself and what you can’t, or what you can partially control, makes preparation easier. At the same time, the risk of unnecessary failures is reduced.

What you can control

The list of things to prepare for may seem a long way, especially for the first-timers. But by incorporating these things into your daily life, you will reduce stress. Preparation often begins with a race week training, it must be proportionate to the severity of the competition, that the body is in the optimal state on the main day itself. A good night’s sleep and mental preparation are key. A regular and familiar morning routine eases the morning nervousness of the race day.

It is a good idea to think in advance what to wear on race day in different weather conditions and to make this equipment familiar. If you have to travel on-site, it is a good idea to plan your schedule and route carefully to avoid rush and stress. In addition to clothing and travel, hydration and nutrition play a really significant role. The energy intake and hydration plan for the race day must be tested in advance, and the food for the race week should also be considered. This is not the time to start trying new things.

You should consider the race strategy in advance. What is the pace distribution plan, are you pacing yourself or joining a pace group. Getting to know the route, either on-site or through a map, as well as the route profile, will help you outline the possible hills and worst places. It is a good idea to divide the route into different parts of your mind. You can also prepare if something “unplanned” happens. What are your goals and how do you achieve them?

what you can’t control

The biggest factors are usually the weather, humidity, wind and altitude. Everyone always wants ideal weather conditions for themselves, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. However, you can prepare for different weather conditions with the right equipment and practice in all kinds of weather. Don’t let the bad weather discourage you, you should try to think positively. A negative mindset affects overall performance.

what you can control partly

Economic running, critical speed, vVo2max, VO2max,% VO2max what can be sustained are physiological factors that vary individually. You can develop all of these to a certain point with proper training. These values are affected by many factors, such as age, gender, body composition, and many biomechanical and physiological factors.

Versatile and sensible training is the most important thing, without it, it is not worth going to the starting line. Last-minute gimmicks usually don’t do anything miraculous, on the contrary, you might make more harm than good.

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