Tapering for the marathon

Tapering for the marathon guide is a combination of information and tips and it is suitable for runners of all levels. Avoid the most common mistakes and get the most out of your race.

This is for you if you want to succeed in a marathon and learn about fueling and everything related to preparation. You need guidance on getting the right amount of energy and tapering weeks of training. Or do you want to maximize your performance? Maybe you have a sensitive stomach and you don’t know what you can enjoy before or during the marathon. The guide can help you with all of these.

what do you get?

Tapering for the marathon includes:

  • Training during the tapering weeks – what happens to the body during tapering weeks, length of the tapering period, intensity and volume
  • Nutrition – sufficient amount of nutrients, high-carbohydrate vs low-carbohydrate diet, protein and carbohydrate fuelling, ingredients and intestinal problems, the morning of the marathon, the most common mistakes
  • Hydration and energy-consuming during the marathon – water, sports drinks, energy gels, salts, jelly beans, bananas, etc., caffeine, fuelling plan for different options and race times
  • Setting target time and heart rate vs pace during the marathon – how to predict the target time, heart rate vs pace during the marathon
  • Mental preparation – mental exercises
  • Clothes and equipment – what to pack for a marathon
  • Warm-up
  • Other tips and advice – blisters and chafing, use of painkillers, stomach problems on the way, muscle cramps, showers and sponges
  • EXTRA: After the marathon
  • EXTRA: Summary calendar and own plan sheet

An e-book of about 60 pages that goes through everything you need and a little more!


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“… all the little details in together.” -Anna

“This really helped me to get ready for my virtual marathon. Thank you!” -Johan

“…contain everything essential. I learned some new things after reading the guide and came across things that have never been considered.” -Katju

“I liked that the guide also tells you what to look for after a marathon.” -K.L.

  • I have already run several marathons; can I learn anything more?
    • Yes, many experienced runners can also always improve their preparation. The guide gives special advice on things related to fueling before and during the marathon so that sufficient energy reserves are maintained until the end. Runners with sensitive stomachs are also considered here.
  • Does it include a running program?
    • The guide does not include a running program for the marathon, it focuses on the last two weeks before the marathon. Giving, among other things, tips on the amount and intensity of training for that period.
  • I have a running coach; can I still benefit from the guide?
    • Yes you can, even if you get all the necessary information from your coach, the guide also serves as a good checklist. You can check everything relevant in the guide and write down the things to remember, so you can be relaxed on the main day.
  • Will this help me perform better?
    • Training is the biggest factor before the marathon, but during the last couple of weeks, you can easily ruin months of work if you don’t prepare properly. The guide helps you with everything essential and also offers small tips that you may not remember to consider. Proper preparation for a marathon maintains performance but makes the event itself more enjoyable and thus can help you perform better.

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