Goodbye 2020, Welcome 2021

The year 2020 is almost over, finally! Who would have guessed what this year will bring? Not me! It’s difficult to even describe this year, every plan turned around as the whole world turned upside down. But still, I believe there are some good things also, as I want to believe that everything happens in reason.

TuuSA sports 2020

When I said this year wasn’t been the easiest, I really mean it. I finished the massage therapy work in the summer, or actually, it ended already on the spring due to the COVID, but I make the final decision the end in the summer. Am I sad? No, of course, the drop in income affect everything, but my main plan isn’t to be the massage therapist forever. Now it’s just happened sooner than I thought.

I have produced a couple new training plan and guides, got new coaching clients, have an amazing opportunity to work and make collaboration with sporty people, companies and entrepreneur. Especially, during these times when small businesses and entrepreneur struggle, I like to work with others and help at the same time. If they have the opportunity to get more clients and visibility, I’m happy.

I’m overwhelmed all the amazing comments, feedback, likes and loves that have got here, Facebook and Instagram. Whether they are public or private messages, they always make me smile. I feel that I do something right.

Tuusa sports 2021

Tomorrow TuuSa Sports turn 3 years old! I want to keep providing training and other valuable information. I study all the time to keep myself up to date. This blog and Instagram and other social media will be updated regularly. New products will be coming, even some of them might take time, as I make everything alone.

I want that TuuSa Sports will grow bigger, this is not a gold mine. Money is not the most important aspect for me, but as a human, I also need food. All your likes, comments, shares spread this site and its social media platforms toward. I’m really grateful for that. Sometimes I feel frustrated as I have so many ideas for this little business, but limited time. So, one of my big dreams is to get an employee someday. Also, I wish that next year I can provide more information on other training topics which I have knowledge but no degree. So, hopefully, there will be more interviews and collaborations.

So, even this year wasn’t going as planned, and it’s been difficult to many of us. Let’s keep the spirit high and continue our journey step by step. Nothing last forever. Hard work and trust can create amazing things.

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What do you wish for the next year?

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