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I got an opportunity to test Chimpanzee sports nutrition products. The company was totally new to me, and I don’t normally do a collaboration with sports nutrition products and supplements as the field is so wild and there are many things to consider. But Chimpanzee sounded a different kind of company and their products were interesting.


Chimpanzee use organics materials most of their products and they are vegan and gluten-free. They don’t use added sweeteners, preservatives or GMO. Also, they donate 1% of the sales for nature conservation and they are involved in several environmental projects. For me these values are important and I want to support companies who try to make a change.

Tested products

ENERGY BARS – These are probably my favourite. There are so many different flavours and everyone that I have tested so far have been amazing. I’m quite picky with all energy bars and other sports supplements, because they often taste “fake”, unnatural, or they are quite expensive compared the size. Honestly, I would recommend these bars, as they taste natural, they aren’t sticky, and basically, they are just delicious. The value of the money is good, as the bars are bigger than most of the natural bars.

PROTEIN BARS – They goes with the same category as energy bars. The very natural taste and texture. Which I like, is that both bars include flavours that are sweeter than others, but they are still not too sweet or don’t taste essence.

ENERGY CHEW – Again, really good taste. The package is a good size for the long run or hiking. Easy to eat, not too sticky.

ENERGY GELS – Gels are a little bit thicker than I have used to, but they are really rich in flavour. I have a very sensitive stomach what comes to any energy gels or sports drinks, but didn’t have any problem with these. So, I can see runners with a sensitive stomach to give test for these. The taste is quite sweet, I normally prefer a little bit middler taste gels, but I know there are many runners who like strong taste gels. The especially second half of the marathon, or ultra. Also, ultra runners, who use chocolate, I would recommend testing chocolate gel!

ENERGY & ISOTONIC DRINKS – I wanted to try these, even I don’t usually use any energy drinks, due to my stomach and because the taste is often too essence. But, as they don’t use sorbitol, xylitol, sucralose, isomalt or maltitol, which often cause gut problems for runners, I wanted to give a try. I didn’t experience any stomach problems, but I make a little milder mix than the instruction said. The taste was surprisingly good, not as essence as the most previous one that I have tested.

Final thought and where you can get your own?

Overall, I’m really surprised at how good each product was. Energy bars and chew are my all-time favourite. But I would recommend trying other products too, as they are really natural and have good taste. All the bars are suitable for snacks, hiking, even running. Gels are a little bit thicker and need water after the use, but I would see them work with long-distance when you start to crave more solid food. Drinks are good an alternative for competitor products, providing more natural taste.

You can purchase products and read more or Finland site

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