My coaching philosophy

You might have noticed that I love science and share a lot of tips and information here. For me, science is base to many things, but it’s not determine everything as we all are individual and that’s also my coaching philosophy.

Learning, growing and individuality

I always want to learn from athletes, other coaches, scientist and others in the sports field. I believe that we are never ready, there are always new information, research and everything. Science can give an amazing base for everything, as it explains how the human body works and how certain things affects others. However, it’s good to remember that we all are individual and our bodies are unique.

What works for others might not work for you, so even the science say anything and others got amazing results by doing certain types of training. You might need something else. That’s why coaches always learn to form their athlete. Sometimes it might need more time to figure out what works for you.

communication and life

Individuality brings us to communication. Without good communication, athletes can’t learn from coaches and vice versa. Some athletes need a more aggressive approach, or energetic, while others might prefer more calm approaching and boosting self-esteem. Coach job is to create encourages environment, which supports each individual.

Also, we have another life too. Many of us have family, other sports, physically or mentally challenging jobs, other stress in their life. These all affect our life. We need to think big picture. How a coach can help you to get the best results out of you, without driving you the burn-out. Also, what are your goals, how we can reach them? What are the all necessary steps that are required along the way? Running is not only running, but it’s also technique, strength, mobility, mental strength, nutrition, biomechanics, etc.


All the above require trust. I, as a coach, need to trust the athlete and athlete need to trust me as a coach. The coach-athlete relationship is often deep, sometimes athletes need to make more work to find the coach they like, how they can trust. Many coaches have a lot of knowledge, but it doesn’t matter if there are not good communication and trust.


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