SCIENCE TALK: Training twice a day

Running twice a day is something that only the elite athlete does. That’s the big myth in running and training. You don’t need to be an elite athlete to train twice a day, there are many benefits for regular people too.

When to run twice a day and why it is beneficial?

Studies show that doubling the training boost fat burn and train to body use glycogen more efficiently and stimulate mitochondria production. Mitochondria can delay fatigue so shorter recovery time challenges the body for the faster recovery process, making training more often possible.

Running twice doesn’t mean that every session is an all-out hard session. If you do the interval session in the morning, you can go easy and short-run in the evening. This boosts your blood flow and helps recovery. Double runs are also good for increase mileage which is often required when stepping for the next level. Also aiming for the faster marathon times, often require bigger mileage.

Don’t worry about double session if you are a beginner or don’t already run every day. Increasing weekly mileage should always be done carefully and little by little, avoiding overtraining and possible injuries. However, you can try to split your long run for two sessions. For example, running 40 min in the morning and 40 min in the evening, but don’t do this every time as you will need endurance training too.

Recommended weekly km amounts you should run before doubling the training, doesn’t take account some exceptions.

Morning vs evening running?

The picture above shows the advantages and disadvantages of training morning and evening. Both have good sides, neither one excludes the other. The most important is to choose which is better for you and your lifestyle and stick to it. If you make excuses during the day or feel more tired after the day of work try morning training or switching the main workout to the morning.

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