Review: Master Your Core – Dr. Bohdanna Zazulak + Giveaway

I got to chance to read Master Your Core: A Science-Based Guide to Achieve Peak Performance and Resilience to Injury by Dr Bohdanna Zazulak. I also have an opportunity to give one paperback copy to some of you, so keep reading.

Master your core

As the title says, the book is all about our core, but it’s not only about exercises and how to get visible abs. The book digs deep into the core function. I love how the book considers core function and its connection to the rest of the body and our everyday life.

The book speaks about breathing, awareness and stability. Things we often forget or overlook. These are connected to our feelings and injuries. Dr Zazulak is a physiotherapist, which can see in the book. Her clinical experience and scientist backgrounds can be seen in stories. But besides all the anatomy and biomechanics, it’s very easy to read, even if you are not familiar with those areas. Everything is easily explained and she also uses metaphors a lot.

Especially, I like how the book looks at the differences between men and women. As our bodies are built differently, our injuries and function often differ. Not many books consider this thing. Book include illustrated exercises, but besides that, it explains their advantages. Basic abs crunches, not often help a lot. This book will help you master your core, help to understand its holistic importance and be aware of your centre of the body.

details and giveaway contest

The book will be released today, the 27th of June. It’s include over 50 science-based exercises, breathing exercises and a lot of information core connection.

You can find the book here.

Read more about Dr Zazulak here.

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You can win one free copy for yourself, by commenting on this post or visit my Instagram and leave a comment there. The contest end 2nd of July. The winner will be taken connected. The giveaway contest is available worldwide (include free book and shipping – exclude possible taxes).

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