Asics Gel-Kayano 27 review – my experience

I got the opportunity to test Asics kayano 27 running shoes. I have one old pair of Asics shoes, which I like and I was happy to get my hands to a newer model. Also, to see which direction they have developed.

Kayano 27 model

Kayano is road shoes, which weight 244g/8,6 oz with 13 mm heel drop. They have more cushioning and are suitable for pronation. Despite the cushioning, they feel very light, as many shoes get extra weight when more cushion is added. The width is normal, but they are suitable for people who prefer wider last, like me.

Also, there is reflective material on the rearfoot, which make shoes more visible in the lower light, I have not tested this yet, but it’s always plus especially now when winter comes and there are dark in the morning and evening.

My experience

I really like the shoe rolls smoothly, as often shoes that have more cushioning are stiff. They respond nicely for different speed. I would mainly use these for road easy and long-distance session, and why not also during the speed workout. They give nice supports all the way heel to toe. Of course, shoes are still quite stiff, as they are new, but I believe they will shapes nicely when using more.

I would recommend these shoes for those who seek more supports, balanced shoes, which work nicely both easy and more speedy workouts. They are a good addition for alongside the light race/speed trainers. I see that slower and/or heavier runner can also race with these shoes, because of the support.

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