Warm-up and running drills

Warm-up and running drills help you in many ways. It’s easy to skip the warm-up, right? Did you know that proper warm-up can boost for better performance? Running drills improve running technique and get you ready for the workout.

This is for you if you want to develop a running technique and activate your muscles for running. Learn proper warm-up routines. You want to gain more strength in your body.

Did you know that warm weather doesn’t automatically mean warm muscles? Warming up also activates and prepares the muscles for the movement required for them.

What you will get?

Warm-up and running drills include:

  • Illustrated exercises with instructions
  • How to build a proper warm-up routine
  • Active warm-up movement
  • Muscle activation exercises
  • Running drills to improve technique

More than 30 movements for activation, strengthening and warm-up.

Price and how to get it?

The guide is 25€. Available worldwide.

You can find the guide in the shop!

Activate your muscles and get ready for the movement!


“My running technique has really improved a lot in a short time and the running feels much lighter. -Michael”

“I’ve done warm-ups before but got new moves. A good stimulant for the body. -J.K.”

“I feel that I have gained a lot more power to the run. And I don’t feel stiff anymore at the beginning of the run. -Petra”

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