Strong body series

strong body series

The strong body series is for you if you are ready to train a stronger body! Strong body series make strength training easy and effective. Illustrated pictures and instructions show you how to perform each exercise.

Exercises are designed for endurance sports but are suitable for everyone else too. Also, you can easily modify the number of sets and reps, as well as the repetition tempo. A strong body guide advises how to do it. It doesn’t matter if you are new in the strength training world or an experienced trainer.

All training guides include exercises for home and gym! There are also ready training programs or you can mix them up and give them a go!

Strong body vol 1 – glutes and hamstrings

Build strong glutes and hamstring with effective exercises. Balance the movement, improve posture and muscle activation, get faster, improve biomechanics and endurance and delay fatigue. No complex equipment is needed for in-home training.

Strong body vol 2 – abs and back muscles

Build strong abs and back muscles with effective exercises. Balance the movement, improve posture and muscle activation and get well functioning core. Visible abs do not necessarily mean that they are strong. No complex equipment is needed for in-home training.

strong body vol 3 – plyometrics and outdoor training

Go outside, move, jump and have fun. Wide selection of exercises that can be done outside. No equipment is needed, take advantage of hills and stairs. You can do it inside too. Increase your heart rate and develop power.

Prices 30-40€/guide! All the guides can be found in the shop!

You can one guide or all three and mix them together!



“I love these, clear pictures and instructions. -Anna”

“Plyometric is my favourite, wonderfully challenging and varied. Jumping and stair training was pretty new for me, but it’s wonderful to see progress. I love training outdoors! -Mike”

“I like ready-made training sessions, but sometimes I also mix the exercises from all the guides together. It’s nice to sometimes skip the gym, I get an effective workout at home. -Janne”

  • What equipments are needed?
    • All programs include a wide variety of movements, some of which utilize weights, exercise ball/TRX bands, or a bench. Many movements can also be performed without equipment, in addition to which there are several movements performed entirely with body weight. In the outdoor training program, you can use uphill and stairs.
  • What level is it suitable for?
    • The guides are suitable for all levels. You can perform movements according to your fitness level. By adding weights, many movements can also be made heavier.
  • Is there a ready training program?
    • The guides do not contain an exercise program, but they provide instructions for building a weekly program that suits your needs and goals. In addition to this, each guide contains ready-made workout sets but also gives you the opportunity to choose exercises that suit you. The purpose is to include strength training in everyday life and build a strong body, instead of short “magic”.
  • What results can I expect?
    • The results depend a lot on your own background, training, diet and other factors. But regular exercise increases muscle strength and improves mood levels. Everyone has different goals, such as weight loss, increasing muscle strength, a healthy lifestyle, etc. The guide’s exercises support all of these.
  • How to set the right weights and repetitions?
    • The construction of the exercises, as well as the number of repetitions, sets and weights, are instructed in the guides. In terms of content, the Strong Body vol. 1 and vol. 2 movements are well suited for different seasons of strength training, such as endurance, maximum and speed strength.

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