Winter training; tired or dark?

It’s that time again, the sun comes up late and goes down early. There are more dark hours than light, sometimes the sun hides behind clouds. Days feels shorter and sofa and warm blanket look way too comfortable. Training session waits, but you feel difficult to find energy for that. Here some tips to remember and beat this dark season of the year.

1. Are you tired, really?
The day has the same amount of the hours that summer, even it’s darker. If you managed to pull yourself out and do your training during summertime, you can do it now too. Again it’s just clothing. Change the route and look Christmas lights people have put on.

2. Eat your vitamins!
Eat healthily and make sure you get all the vitamins, especially vitamin D is essential during the winter time, where there is a lack of sunlight. Eating all heavy food and junk food might feel tempting, but they don’t give you proper energy, actually, you might feel even more tired soon after eating those junks.

3. Register the race!
Find the marathon or other events for the spring and register there now. Make a plan and stick on it.

4. Training buddy!
Do your training with friends, it’s easier to skip planned training when you are alone. Make training regular training dates with a friend(s) and if someone tries to skip, others won’t let it happen. Set the dates and times that are good for both. Don’t only do it once, make it a regular thing, for example, the same day every week.

5. Summer results are made in winter!
Remember, winter doesn’t last forever. It’s December already, we are almost half way there.

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