Why you should do to the drills?

Have you done drills ever? Or Do you do drills regularly? If your answer is no one of the question, read the rest of the post to find out why you should include drills to your training program.
You might think that drills are just silly looking hopping and bouncing around. But there are reasons why many runners perform them.

Drills are designed to improve running form, technique and performance.
As some of the drills are built to use similar movement than running and also strengthen and open the muscles that are uses during the running. You can get strength by going to the gym, but it’s a different kind of movement. Gym training is of course good, but it’s often stationary (statistic) movement, while drills are more dynamic movement. That’s why drills improve your coordination, agility, balance and communication between brain and muscles.

How often and when to do drills?
You should perform drills 3-4 times per week. Good way to do them is the warm-up first, for example 10 min jog, which after doing the drills and then rest of your run. It’s takes just 15-20 minutes to complete them, don’t rush, concentrate and focus the good technique. If you are not familiar with drills they might feel silly and weird at the beginning.

What drills should you do then?
There are tons of the drills and different kinds of variations. You don’t have to do all of them, choose around 7 different types of drills, you can changes them every now and then.
I added three videos from youtube where you can some of the drills and the technique how to perform them, as it’s the good way to see them.

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