Why to drink water?

As we all know, water is good for us, we should drink it. Magazines and internet are tons of recommendation how much to drink water during the day. The right amount of water depends on gender, size, activity, work, how much do you sweat during the day, etc. Scale is around 2,5-3,5 liters, but as I said there are plenty of factor, so it can be even more.

We also know that we should drink water to maintain good level hydration, why? And what are the other benefits?

Our body is 60% of water, in our brain is posterior pituitary gland which tells our kidney how much water is excreted as urine and how much is kept as reserves. The body fluid work with absorption, circulation, body temperature maintenance, nutrients transportation, digestion, etc. So if your body suffers dehydration and don’t get fluids in, it starts to shut down these to maintain the most essential functions.

Water prevent muscle fatigue. Our muscles’ cells try maintain fluid and electrolytes balance to permit good performance, if the balance is disturbed lack of water, cells shrivel, which leads to fatigue.

Dehydration affect that what happens inside our head. Even a slight fluid loss can cause headache, mood changes, lower energy levels. It also affects memory and brain function, so being dehydrated and working with task which require focusing and thinking might feel more difficult and be more frustrating than doing it well hydrated.

Water help relief constipation, and increase overall stomach wellness.

Last but not least, don’t wait until you are thirsty, as it a sign of mild dehydration. Drink a little bit during the day.

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