Why runners need training plan?

Do you have a training plan? If you answer is no, why should you consider to get one. You might have heard seasonal training, how runners first build their fitness level, then race and then take time off before starting everything again. Training plans are designed to help runners to develop, break PBs and prevent injuries. There are many modifications of training plans as each person are different, but most of them follow quite similar procedure, which are scientifically tested and used many years and found to be workable.

First runners need to set their goal, long term and short term. Plans are designed to meet goals and help achieve them. Long term goals can be even goal that runner wished to be happening in a couple year time while short time goals are smaller step which support the processes to get there.


Seasonal training plans often consist 4-5 phases depending counting method, for example:
1. Base phase
2. Build/skills phase
3. Tapering phase
4. Competition phase
5. Off season

Each phase has the own role. Base phase is often the longest one, then athlete build up their endurance, after that, they start to develop their skills such as increase speed. Which after they start to taper phase, which is relatively short. Runners can’t skip any of the phase, as it will affect the results, if you have some competition in ahead you can’t start building up the speed if you haven’t gained certain level of fitness level first. Each phase supports one other.

Also, there are tons of runners who skip off season totally or are not aware what does it really mean. Off season doesn’t mean that once you have completed all your competitions you can lay down couple week to month without doing anything else beside eating all the junk food that you have resisted during training phase. Off season means taking a break from the running, and giving your body time to rest, but you should still be an active, try some other sports, which completely differ from running. Imaging how big shock your body go through if you have first trained months and then suddenly stop and, then again start again after couple weeks, injury risk increases enormously. Doing other sports your fitness level doesn’t drop as dramatically, but your running muscles give time to recover so they will receive new training impact well once you start new training plan and base phase.

Finally, making the training plan can be tricky as you need to understand when to do certain workouts. Good news is that you don’t have to do your own training plan, as there are coaches whose can help you so you can just focus on running. I also offer training plan package which found under the Running coaching link top of the page. If you have any questions or are interested any package or you are interested different time period than ready plans don’t hesitate to take a contact, I’m sure we can figure out something.


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