Why I am running

I haven’t running all my life, but I have always been quite sporty and competitive. When I was young I started to dance, which later changed to basketball and then taekwondo and again back to dance. My hobbies, especially basketball included running. Back then I wasn’t massive fan of running, but I didn’t hate it. It was always thought I’m not good runner, but again I didn’t ever practice running seriously.

I saw marathon on TV when I was younger, I think it’s Olympic Games or World Championships and back then marathon seems to be something unbelievable. I said to my mom that someday I will run a marathon, well there were years before that happened or I even started running.

I left to dance and running take my life immediately. I wasn’t good at all at the beginning, I have zero endurance. I always ran the same route, before our home was long hill, I couldn’t run that at the first, but little by little I started to get further and further. And one day I finally manage to run the whole route, it was only 5km, then I started to try it faster and faster and later longer and longer distance. I had been running around half a year when I contacted to my local running club and joined to long distance group.

First I hated to running as it was so hard, it was something where I wasn’t good. But at the same time the feeling after the running was something that I wasn’t ever experienced before. There aren’t team mates, there are not opponent front of you, you are alone, it all depends on you. There are not certain place where I need to go first to be able to practice, I can just lace my shoes and step in the out. When I have a bad day and I’m stressed, it’s clears my mind, I can be outside, breath fresh air, feel the burn in my legs and lungs, feel the heart beat in my chest and feel the wind on my skin. Even when there are bad weather, and there are nothing enjoyable and I am swearing inside of my head and curse the whole thing, the feeling that I have when I finish. I feel strong.

I get opportunity to see places what I wouldn’t have seen without running. I have seen many sunrises and sunsets because of running. I love push myself and my body further. I want to know where are the limits, even though I know that those limits will raise every time I get better.

I chase the flow and euphoria.

Why are you running?

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