Why coaches want to know about your life?

When you hire coach or buy a personalized training program, coaches ask (or they should) things about your life, why?
Once you find the coach who you want to work with, you meet or discuss in some way with you coach, he/she might send you the form to fill up. You will face the question about your life, and might think why we (coaches) want to know about it as you are just want training program. It’s not just that we are seeking some gossip or anything about your personal life.

Building the training program is not just plank paper filled with exercises in some crazy order. We look your life, what you are doing for living, are you working during office hours inside front of the computer or is it two-shift work, is it physically hard work. Do you have children who you have to take their hobbies, do you have some other hobbies? These all build your daily lifestyle and rhythm for the day.
What is your sports background? How often do you want to train, is there a time for that? What are your goals, and time frame, are those realistic?

These are some examples. There are not much point to make personalized training program to someone without considering these. Let’s imaging that you buy a marathon plan from me and I just sent you some plan and you try to follow it, the possibility you drop out before the end is high, or if you manage the follow it all the way to the end the results might not be the best. Yes, you might get better shape, but not maybe the as good as you could.
Now let’s imaging again, you buy marathon plan, I get information about you and make personalized training plan for you. It’s easy to follow and you don’t have to feel extra pressure about training or that you don’t have to time for it or it’s too hard or too easy to follow.

Changing everything in one sit doesn’t work everyone. They are like new year resolution; “I will start new life, I will eat healthier, I will exercise every day, I will go to bed early, etc.” the list goes on and on. Before February you are already quit all of your resolutions, as there are way too many things you changed, you get tired as you are not used to it and your body have not time to process it. Making little changes at the time lead better results, for example start with sleep, once you have found good rhythm, you can start consider food, etc.

Of course training program have to challenge you, and you have to test your boundaries, but it should not feel insurmountable.

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