When to run on treadmill?

Last summer I wrote about how to make treadmill running more fun, which you can find here. There are some tips on how to make treadmill running less boring especially for those how to find it boring.

But when you should use a treadmill? There are many cases when running on the treadmill will be more effective than running in outside.

1. Weather. You have to make yourself comfortable in running every weather, especially if you are training for a marathon because we can choose the race day weather. But during the training season, some exercises should be good to make on inside, when the weather is bad. For example here in Finland, winter is full of snow, ice, slush so the roads are not always for the best shape and running might feel more like ice skating sometimes. When weather is bad, and you have to focus to more how to not slip than the actual running, or when it’s pouring, it would be wise to go inside. Especially if you have planned to do tempo, intervals or any kind of running which requires faster speed.

2. Environment. Where are you live? Some of us are lucky to be surrounded variable environment, we have hills, track, roads and different grounds to run, but some of us might live in flat cities, where the closest hills are too far away, or the place where the shorter speed workouts are almost impossible. These cases the treadmill running would be an excellent choice. As you can set up speed and incline as you want to.

3. Psychological training. The treadmill is a good device to train your mental side. If the treadmill is placed towards an empty wall, and you are running alone without any entertainment such as music, you have to full-on focus on your running. This good for example when you are doing tempo runs or other harder workout. Everyone knows that psychological strength plays a massive part in running, so when you are running a boring environment just with your thoughts you might get tired faster if you are not trained your mental strength.

What to remember, when running on a treadmill?

1. 1% incline. It’s recommended run 1% incline, as it more correlates wind and uneven ground which you face in outside.

2. Speed. Running 10km/h on the treadmill is not same as running 10km/h outside. People tend to overestimate their speed when running treadmill, it might be due to a lack of visual cues.

3. Handrail. Do not hold handrails while running, as it changes the whole running technique and can lead injuries, it’s also the lower intensity of your workout as you lift yourself. Reduce the speed or incline if you feel that you have to crap on handrails.

4. 7% incline. It’s not recommended run above 7% incline as it might change running form and you might hurt your back. If you need to run steep hills, go rather outside, as the treadmill space for running this steep hill is narrow.

Many runners invest treadmill nowadays, as it is easier to have own than go to the gym and take one for yourself in the worst case for two hours (all fellow trainers like that, especially if the gym is small). There are so many treadmills with different features so picking the right one for your need can be a hard task. Reviews.com team searched and tested different kinds of treadmills for different users. Here are their wide and comprehensive post and suggestion of treadmill. I’m sure it would any who are considering to buy a treadmill.

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