What to do; lost the love of running

That has happened almost each one of us at the some point of our life. You might have been running in years, and once suddenly you are not interested in to lace your shoes and hit the path. Back of your head you are going through internal struggle, either to keep going or just stop and figure it out something else than running. You probably have tons of great memories and experience from running, you might have got new friends, so giving up all of these is not easy.

Step back and think, is there any reason why you feel like that. Are you bored with training, whether your competition has gone worse than you expected, are you injured or what? Often our feeling are reflected something, maybe we are disappointed. You can always take a break of running and see if you just needed a little “holiday”. Don’t take too long break, so you are not become just too lazy to continue.

If you are bored to training, change it. Change the route you are running, change the speed and distances. Don’t take any pressure, just go for the run without planning and see where you end up or make a new goal that you want to achieve. Remember, if you are decide to change your training, don’t do anything too radical to avoid injuries. Or get yourself a coach who will make you a plan and motivate you.

Disappointed your race results? That’s happens everyone, there are always races which doesn’t goes as planned. Use that feeling, turn it to determination. Choose a new race and start work harder so, you can show yourself how good you are.

Are you injured? During the recovery processes is normal to go the bottom, and questioning everything. It’s a part of processes, you get frustrated as you can’t run, you start think if you could go something in different way. Only thing you can do is, to say yourself; “Well, I cannot change what’s already done, but I can learn from my mistakes and once I’m recovered I will be even stronger.” Think what things lead up to the injury, sometimes there are not any good reasons, but think your training, shoes, running posture everything. If you are always injured there are probably something you are missing or going wrong. Ask help from professional, doctor, shoes specialist, coaches, etc.

Why you started running? Why are you running?

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