What limits you?

“No human is limited” – Eliud Kipchoge

Eliud Kipchoge has run by far the fastest marathon ever recorded and it’s about the start Berlin marathon just now when this post coming out. So within two hours we will know do he managed to break the new World record.
Everyone how following him running career knows he is incredible strong runner both physically and psychologically. If you have watched Breaking2 documentary even scientists were amazed his strong mentality.

Being able to run that fast not only require a lot of work and training hours, right physical traits but also right psychological strength. This lead us the question; what limits you? We often tend to set limits and belief to ourselves without any good reasons. Are you dreaming of running a marathon, breaking sub 4:00, 3:00 or something else? Do you find yourself to saying something like; “I wish I could run sub 4:00 marathon, BUT….” and then there are coming the lists of the things that you believe are barrier between you and your dream.

Start thinking differently. Let’s consider that every human has limits and they believe them, no one has ever would not break sub 3:00 hours marathon, or even 2:30. We can rule our thoughts. What are you reasons, barriers or limits that hold you back? What can you do to them? Are those always just excuses, like a I don’t have time, money, I don’t have energy after the work, etc. There are tons of other people who are in similar position with you, if they can do it, you can also.
Or are you just afraid? Afraid of failing. How weird it can just sound, but many runners afraid to run faster, they are scared to the speed and what will happen if they run faster. If you are scared to run faster maybe because you are afraid that you can’t take it long enough. Start training it, at first you might get tired, but run intervals, as fast as you can, don’t care if you are stumbling or fell, just show yourself how fast you can go that moment. Your speed and skills will develop. Say yourself that you are able to do it because you are. Whatever you are doing in your life don’t set any limits!


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