Tips for first time marathon runners

Okay, there might be many of you who has run marathon or a few of them, so this post might not bring anything new information for you, but those whose are about to take a part for their first marathon, you might find something good tips. I’m not write anything training, mental or nutrition tips here as I have spoken them earlier, these are more general little tips.

1. Pack everything previous night. Really, pack everything which you are going to take with you previous night, set your racing clothes ready, also watch and bib number! This will help you remember everything, as you might be nervous at the morning and can’t think that clearly. You don’t want to run back to hotel or home to get bib number or something more essential just before the start.

2. Make sure your running watch is charged!

3. Don’t try anything new. This means clothes, shoes, food, hydration technique. Marathon itself is hard enough, so you don’t want to suffer blisters or diarrhea on the way.

4. Go toilet early! Marathon start areas are always crowded and the toilet queues are long, so there are good risk to miss the whole start if you are stuck in the line. If possible go the toilet in your hotel/home before leaving if they are near the start area. Remember, nervousness may play the trick and you might feel the call of nature.

5. Try to sleep. Go early to bed and try to get good night sleep, you need all the energy.

6. Wake up early. Don’t leave the rush, take enough time for the morning, this also gives your body time to wake up and relax, as you don’t have to run everywhere in a hurry.

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