Things every runner should do

Proper night sleeps are the one of most important things for the every athlete. If you are waking up early, make sure you go to the sleep early. Quality of the sleep is more important than the amount, of course you have to get good amount the sleep, but if your sleep quality is poor, the long sleep do not necessarily help.

Healthy food
The healthier food the better. Diverse and healthy food is the key for the good training. Junk food don’t give your body what it needs, it might only give your mind the short pleasure. Eating the same food all the time, might increase cravings to eat junk food, also might get vitamins/minerals deficiency.

Runners tend to have stiff legs, just because running movement is crucial for thighs and calf. Sore muscles try to find the best feeling to themselves, where they don’t feel any pain, this means that they want to shrink and be short. After the while, muscles get used to this short feeling and it will affect your running posture and eventually speed.

Same as previous, massage is the good way to loose muscles tension. If your muscles are very tight it will be good to take several massage session during short period of time to help loosening tension. If you are never been in massage before, don’t go there just before your race, as you don’t know how your body will react. One hour proper massage session is often replace one exercise, and you might feel sore couple days after massage. Try to find sports massage who know your sports, and with whom you can start to work together. Difference between classical massage and sports massage is that sports massage take account athletes need and training period, as you can always give hard massage. Sports massage is often gentle and it more shaking up the muscles, so it doesn’t affect that much training.

Balance and technique training
Two very important things which many runners put aside. Balance training support technique and strength small muscles. Whereas technique training help run correct posture and faster and decrease the risk of injury. Filming your own running is the good way to see, what should be improved. I also recommend take contact running coach, as they can fix your posture and give good tips how to improve your technique.

Last, but not at least, enjoy! Don’t force your running training, you have to enjoy it so you can get better.

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