The most under-rated physical training tools

The tools of physical training are often seen only as training, and the ancillary tools that go along with it, such as recovery and nutrition. But behind all of these, there are common factors that can help in development. These tools are often underestimated or forgotten. Many runners may also feel that these things are too far away, or only intended for professionals.


When talking about running, it’s easy to say that everyone can run. It is one of the first forms of movement that a person learns. However, many people train “wrong” or the training is not optimized to suit them. You may train too much without results, or you may practice quantitatively correctly, but qualitatively poorly.

Learning and teaching are key factors in versatile and optimized training. It’s easy to do what feels safe. By studying, reading, discussing and listening, you can get valuable information related to training. The coaches have often learned and are constantly learning that they can help others.


The same run, at the same pace, in the same place is familiar, safe and comfortable. Why should I do any mobility or strength training movements when I’m not going to the Olympics? Even if you are a so-called Sunday runner, versatile training not only supports running but also the rest of everyday life. Versatile running training in itself provides refreshing variety and develops different qualities. When you add training outside of running to this, the development is one step further.

Encourangement and support

When we surround ourselves with supportive people, we get further. Everyone sometimes needs motivation and understanding, and in that case, the people around you are very important. A similar project or passion and goals with others give an extra boost to coping.

report and monitoring

Writing down exercises, feelings and development show where we are going. Recorded information and data monitoring helps to understand what works and what doesn’t, and what could be done differently. However, you shouldn’t become too dependent on data. Listening to your own feelings and state of being is important.

quantity and time

Often a goal is set without taking into account how much time it is possible to spend on it and to what extent it is possible to practice. If these factors are not taken into account at the very beginning, a stop is often encountered. The training may be made too difficult in terms of quantity or not enough time is given, and possible obstacles and delays are not taken into account.

Don’t underestimate the variety of physical training tools. Training is not only physical training, it includes many other everyday factors that affect general endurance and development.

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