Sudio TRE earphone reviews

Few days ago I got Sudio Sweden TRE earphones for testing. They are in-ear models, and are designed for an active lifestyle. The purpose of the headphones is to ensure the studio level sound, but at the same time you are able to hear traffic and friends speak, which makes running safer. The wireless feature is good because I like to freedom of feeling, without getting tricked into wires. Headphone fit in the ear very well, and stay even during harder training session

You can choose between the four colors; pink, black, white and blue. I chose the white one, they are really classic and have nice little rose-gold-ish metal details. Sound is very clear and good.

Näyttökuva 2017-08-11 kello 13.24.38.png

Studio use 4.1 Bluetooth which maximum range is 15 meters and battery life 9 hours (in active).

You can order your own here and get -15% off of your order by using code TUUSA, they also offer free express delivery to Finland.
// Voit tilata omat kuulokkeet täältä, saat -15% alennuksen koko tilauksestasi käyttämällä koodia TUUSA. Pikatoimitus Suomeen on ilmainen.

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Collaboration with Sudio Sweden

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