Sudio Regent headphone review

Suomeksi alhaalla!

I made collaboration With Sudio Sweden last August, then I tested Sudio TRE earphone. You can find the text here.

Now, I got Sudio Regent headphone for testing. I have been use to TRE model when I’m training as they don’t drop in the ear and they have really good sound quality. This Regent model is good for everyday casual use. Again they have really clear and clean sound. Headphones block nicely sound from your surrounding without total blocking. I’m often scared about headphone as they might be too big and make falling feeling, but I was surprised the size as these are sitting perfectly on head and they are light weighted.

There are two colors available black and white, which you can modify with caps. Regents are wireless model, but they also include wire, if you forget to charge your headphones, but still want to listen to the music.

Näyttökuva 2017-11-30 kello 15.48.17.png

If you are looking for good headphones or earphone I recommending to check Sudio, I have used to use cheap market earphone before, and they didn’t last long, also now I have realized to huge difference on sound quality.

Also Christmas is just around to corner so why not buy nice gift for someone or yourself.

You can order your own here and get -15% off of your order by using code TUUSA, they also offer free gift package for every order that are placed before Christmas.
// Voit tilata omat kuulokkeet täältä, saat -15% alennuksen koko tilauksestasi käyttämällä koodia TUUSA. Saat myös ilmainen lahjapaketoinnin kun tilaat ennen joulua.

Collaboration with Sudio Sweden

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