Starting a new hobby – Starting the right order

Maybe you made a new year resolution or you are otherwise new to running and training. You are excited about a new hobby or pick up an old hobby again and have a new goal. It’s easy to do many things “wrong”, and learn “wrong” habits and some point slow down or stop progress.

Starting something new

First of all, the word “wrong” is quite strong. As long as you move and have physical activities there is nothing wrong. BUT, when we going in the deeper of basic training, there are many factors which ones you should learn at the beginning, as after the years changing the old habits can be difficult.

How many can raise their hand and honestly admit, that when they started to training certain sports, in this case running, they pay attention to running drills or technique training? Be honest. I can say that I haven’t any clue about those things.

Running is “easy” sports, lace your shoes and hit the road, get excited, running faster and faster, longer and longer. And in the worst-case scenario, get injuries or start to feel pain some part of the body. Stop running and thought maybe it’s not for me, or take a few days off and continue until the pain appear again. If you survive without pain and injuries, you might notice that some point your progress stop.

learn the basic

If you recognize yourself above, it’s okay, the game is not lost yet. I always emphasize the importance of learning basic. Drills and running technique training can safe you from many injuries, they improve running cadence, speed, running economy and give strength. Start by building your running technique and endurance, when you feel comfortable with those start adding the speed gradually. This will take you further than focusing the speed at the beginning.

If you are not a beginner but have skipped all the basics, it’s not late to add them. Take a couple step back from speed training and focus drills, good running technique and posture, strengthening weak areas. Trust me this will help you to get further and step the next level. For endurance runner, speed training is playing the smallest part of all the training.

Even if, you don’t have specific goals, strong technique and running posture will help to avoid injuries and make running a lot of effective and easier.

Basic – Endurance – Speed

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