Running motivation

Do you feel tired? Do you suffer lacks motivation? Lacing your running shoes seem to be an impossible task? Did you know that’s all okay? We all have motivation problems sometimes. You might have also heard that once you go to out and start running it’s easier. I collected some of the tips which might help increase motivation.

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1. Pictures/quotes
If you have some motivational quotes place them to somewhere where you can see them. If you are training from certain marathon, print the picture of event and do to same than quotes. Whatever picture or sentence motivate you, use them.

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2. Music/podcast
Make a play list or find interesting podcast and listen to them while you are running. Try to find as long podcast as your running is, for example if you are going to run one hour listen one hour podcast.

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3. TV-series/documents
If you are running on the treadmill, watch TV shows or documentaries. Use the same tips as with podcast. One the show end, you can stop running. While music can give you a tempo while running and boost energy, TV show can you pay attention somewhere else than running.

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4. Set goals
Set one bigger goal and some smaller ones. Write them down. If your goal is the run PB in the autumn, it might feel it is far ahead so write smaller goals before that. Think how you are going to reach your main goal, for example running certain amount kilometres in one month, breaking PB shorter distances, losing weight or whatever you wish for.

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5. Social media
Use instagram, pinterest, tumblr, google, etc. There are tons of inspiring people and pictures. So if others can do it so can you!

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