Running injuries: calf and shin pain

This time we will look common injuries and reasons which can cause pain and irritation to calf and shin area. As always if you feel any uncommon symptoms or have any injuries I recommend consult your doctor or other professional.

Tibial stress fracture
There are two bones in the lower leg, tibia and fibula, of these two tibia is the bigger one and its role is bear weight. Tibia can fracture when it’s under the continues stress, where muscles contract continuously for example during running. Also sudden change of the running terrain, overweight or fast increase of training load can cause stress fracture. It causes pain lower part of the leg and sometimes swelling too. It’s not often can see on the x-ray, that’s why there are often two x-rays, one at the begging and other later on (about 4 weeks later) where can see that bone is start to heal. Rest is the only way the heal the fracture, during that time is possible to do other types of exercise which are not weight bearing, for example water running.

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Shin Splits – Medial tibial stress syndrome
Shin splints is an inflammation in muscle tissues and insertions. Shin splints is usually due to the tense calf muscle and Achilles tendon. The pain often feels like the inside of the lower leg side, around the middle of the leg (tibia bone). The pain can be felt when the weight sets a foot, such as climbing stairs or running. Also, incorrect or worn shoes, running hard surface, over-training or a quick rise in the amount of exercise can lead to shin splints. The best treatment is rest, also cold therapy and pain medications can help. Sometimes the massage may be helpful, if the pain is not too hard.

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