Running injuries: ankle and foot pain

Pain in the ankle or foot is common symptom for runners. Here’s some of the most common injuries, if you suffer any kind of pain I recommend rest and consult your doctor.

Ankle sprain
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Ankle sprain happen when ankle ligaments which are connected to the ankle bone torn or stretch suddenly. For example land the foot in the wrong position. This often causes swelling and bruises and need R.I.C.E treatment (rest, ice, compression and elevation), it’s recommended see doctor that there is not any other damage and as they often put support around the ankle and give crutches. When the ankle is healed enough, it recommended start to do flexion and extension movement and stretching the ankle to guarantee to better recovery.

Achilles tendinitis

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Achilles tendon is connected with heel bone (calcaneus) and calf muscles. If achilles tendon irritated, it can cause swelling and pain back of the ankle which reduces ankle movement, often these are due to tight calf muscles. For example too big increase of training load can cause sore calf muscles. Rest is the best treatment for the achilles tendinitis and sometimes painkillers can help at the begging as the tendon might be inflamed. Recovery might take time as the blood flow around the achilles is flow.

Heel bursitis (retrocalcaneal bursa)
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Heel bursa is located back of the ankle, it’s often mixed with achilles tendinitis. As the symptoms and area of the pain are relatively same. Heel bursitis are often come from running and jumping, especially hill running where foot flexes more than usual. Rest is the best way to the treatment heel bursitis. For the prevention is recommended stretch foot and warm up properly and avoid fast increase training load.

Heel spur syndrome
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Heel spur syndrome occur when calcium deposit build up bottom of the calcaneus. It’s often occur aftermath other ankle injuries such as ankle sprain or plantar fasciitis. Also, overweight or diabetes can cause heel spur. It might take several months to appear and it’s usually painless, but when it causes pain, it’s often sharp pain under the foot as it connected to the plantar fasciitis and can irritate that too. Treatment for the heel spur are anti-inflammation medicine, customized orthotics or surgery. Well fitted shoes, warm-up and stretching are the best way the prevent heel spur.

Insertional Achilles Tendonitis

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This appear gradually it’s not associated with sudden injury or trauma. It’s often come for more elderly people, when bone spur develop around the achilles tendon by irritating and inflaming the tendon. At the begging it causes pain during the movement such as running, jumping and walk up stairs and gradually pain start to feel even rest. It reduces the ankle angle and range of movement. It requires clinical examination such as x-ray or MRI. It can be treated either without surgery when person use different kinds of support for example heel lifter. But sometimes it requires the surgery.

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Metatarsalgia is pain in the foot plantar side of the tread section is a pain in the forefoot area. Front leg discomfort is due to excessive load and improper pressure distribution. Pain increases in the foot take-off stage, when running. Other reasons for the metatarsalgia can be overweight, foot abnormal posture, pronation, supination or overexertion. The pain is usually sharp, burning or stabbing. At the beginning anti-inflammation medicine may help, but in the long run physiotherapy is the best treat, as it’s important the found the reason that cause the pain and correct any posture abnormalities.

Plantar fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis pain is usually due to chronic over-exertion of the plantar tendon sheaths. It is quite long-lasting and often restrict the movement of infected. The treatment may be resorted to, for example, insoles or stretching exercises. Some of the people these do not help, but only the symptoms are prolonged even further. The pain may also spread. Plantar may be triggered by stress, obesity, prolonged standing, and particularly movement like running on the hard surface. The best cure is a padded heel insoles.

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