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Who love to watch documentaries and/or read books, even more when they are about running? If your answer is yes, stick around as I will tell couple my favorite documents and books. It interesting to see other runners world, how elite runner life and train, get some tips and most of all inspired.
There are tons of books and documentaries which I would recommend, but here are few. All the documentaries can be watch in YouTube.

Born To Run: The Kenyan Secret
Former World Champion Eamonn Coghlan travels to Iten, Kenya to see how world best runners train and life. It’s interesting document which give a sneak peak about Kenyan’s training. The most interesting thing is that they make it look easy, as everyone knows in reality it is far from easy, especially in Kenya where the competition is real. For example 340 Kenyan athlete qualified to London 2012 Olympics, so who get the place to represent their country is tough decision.

Running to the Limits
Running to the limits tells Alex Vero’s journey to unfit smoker to runner who try to qualify to Beijing 2008 Olympics. On the time he was training for the Olympics there were a lot of criticism about how foolish he is and it would be impossible. Although he didn’t make it to Olympics, I see his journey very interesting. It tells how far human body is capable go if you are willing to work for it. I can think about where he would be now if he had started running earlier.

Documentary ► Paula Radcliffe Women’s Marathon WR Holder
I have never got close to Paula Radcliffe, even though she’s the amazing athlete and had done many great things, she has always felt distant. So, this documentary was interesting to watch as it goes through her life ups and downs, what happened before and after her world records.

Toughest Race on Earth with James Cracknell
James Cracknell is former British rower, whose earned two Olympic gold during his career. The documentary follow his journey to Marathon des Sables, how he trained and of course his race in the hot Sahara. It’s interesting to see how elite athlete change the sports and of course do the best he can.

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Mo Farah; No Easy Mile
It’s basically tells Mo’s life and how he became to one of the best runner’s in the world. There’s is also document, which not tell anything new, but show more about his training and life. His life has been a lot of coincides which has led him where he is now.

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
Even though it’s a very far from the running style that I normally do and like, but Christopher’s way to tell his story is hook you. I really recommended this if you want to read shoe manufacture and true adventure.

Lore of Running by Timothy D. Noakes
Lore of running is fat book, it’s full of details and interesting information about running, training, etc. It’s really science based and might feel difficult to read if you are not use to that kind of material. Even, I don’t agree the 100% I’m still recommending to read it as it might give you a lot new information and aspects.

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