Training plans

Running programs from 5km to marathon, for a different level athlete, helps you structure your training without big investments. Check more here!

Personalised running programs

Personalised running programs help you to achieve your goals with a help of a professional coach. Program planning takes account of your training background, goals, current training status, life, etc. Weekly communication and supports. Read more here!

Warm-up and running drills

Warm-up and running drills guide include over 30 illustrated exercises to warm-up and active your muscles for the training session. It teaches how to build proper warm-up, improve technique and get more muscle activation for you running. Read more here!

marathon tapering guide

Marathon tapering guide tells you everything that you should know before the start line. Based on scientific information, including tapering weeks training, nutrition, energy intake during the race, mental preparation, gear check for different weather conditions, recovery and much. Don’t panic, don’t use your time reading tons of different books, when you can have all in one place. Suitable for every level. Read more here!

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