Running a marathon in hot day

The last post wrote about running in the bad weather, now let’s look the other side of the coin, running in the heat.

During the heat season we can always choose when to go for the run, the best time of the day is before the sunrise. But we can’t change the start time of the marathon, so here are some tips how to survive.

Clothing, again one of the most important thing to consider. Wear light, breathable clothes, do not use cotton. Prefer light colors, and little loose clothes. Wear cap or something else to project your head.

Water the other important thing. Start drink early, couple days before the marathon to ensure your hydration level is good, also drink more often than normally during the marathon. Don’t wait until you are thirsty because it’s too late.

Sometimes in hot weather, our pace might drop little bit as our body have to work harder to keep it cool at the same time, so it uses more energy. Don’t panic!

Once you are finished continue drinking, go to the cool shower as soon as possible, as your body warm up during the running, but also heat will warm up it too, so cooling your body and lower your temperature back to normal as soon as possible help you feel better.

Again, if you don’t like to run heat weather and prefer more cooler climate, try think positive side. Turn your mindset to positive vibes, and your body will work with you, not against.

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