REVIEW: Neil Pasricha – You are awesome

Earlier this autumn I got to chance to read Neil Pasricha’s new book You are awesome -How to Navigate Change, Wrestle with Failure, and Live an Intentional Life.

Book will be published 5th of November.

Neil Pasricha is a Canadian author, entrepreneur and public speaker. You might have heard of his TED talk The 3 A’s of awesome. His also wrote New York Times bestseller The Book of Awesome and other books.

You are awesome

You are awesome is a combination of humour, motivation, teaching and biography. Neil goes through his life, with obstacles and how to survive off them. The book teaches how to navigate in real life and get past of fail. We all fail sometimes and sometimes coping and surviving might feel enormous and impossible tasks.

The book speaks about a common phrase; Do what you love? We all have heard that many times in our life, it’s easier than it’s sound. Is your love that strong you are ready to take all the pain and hard work that comes within it.

There are tons of self-help books, which teach you complex things, routines, tasks, exercises which you have to do, being able to achieve what you want. This often leads people to give up, there are so many things to do, and places where to start, so instead of going somewhere you end up being stuck in the same place, even more confused.


Neil book is easy to read, its message is simple. Add dot-dot-dot. You might not have something, yet, or you might not know how to do something, yet. Never end a phrase with one dot, always two dots more. What we don’t have now, doesn’t mean we don’t have it someday.

The book doesn’t only give advice on certain things in life, it also gives examples, from Neil’s own life. This makes the book even better, as you can maybe identify with the story better. I really recommended getting this book to hand. The book will teach you about, the single word that keeps your options open after failure, what every commencement speech gets wrong, 3 ways to dramatically accelerate the ability to learn and adapt and much more.

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