REVIEW: Don’t keep your daily job – Cathy Heller

Cathy Heller is a podcaster, speaker, life coacher and now writer. As her first book was published 12th of November.

Don’t keep your daily job book continue the same line as her podcasts. It reminds us to go after our dream. It’s doesn’t matter what our backgrounds are, everyone can succeed in their life. People who own businesses are not different than others, they are not necessarily born rich. They have followed their passion.


The book is full of regular people stories. Stories of people who were unhappy or felt that something missing in their life, most commonly they have a passion to do something else, and they eventually did. In other words, many people spent their life doing something that they don’t enjoy. Book tries to show how you can turn your passion for a career.

We often don’t believe ourself, or that we can do. In my opinion, is always worth to try. We have only one life, so why to dream something when you can try to do it. What you can lose? You might fail, but you can also succeed. And what if you fail, you learn something new and that something can open the door that you couldn’t even dream on.

There’s a mission born inside of you that is so big and so brilliant that your only option is to live up to that potential or spend the rest of your days in a Wasteland of doubt and despair.

– Cathy Heller


The book is not only recommended to quit your job or follow your dream. It also teaches how to build a business. There are good tips what you can do even if you don’t have money, how to get people interested in what you do. Of course, it needs a lot of work at first, but if it’s your passion you should be ready for it.

Don’t keep your day job is an excellent book for those, who don’t know what to do their life. It helps you to find out our passion, it shows you to step. The book is also good for those who don’t want to make own business but need something in their life. Maybe you have a hobby or something else, which you want to take further, but you don’t believe yourself, yet.

Cathy goes through her own life, how she built her own business and what obstacles she met and how she survived. If you have a business and you are struggling now, you are not alone, everyone has those obstacles during the journey, you might find new perspective and ideas.

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