Raw basic how to split your weekly kilometers

Either you’re running 30 or +100 kilometers per week, you need to split your runs sensibly. I have seen way too many awful training plans and training diaries. Some of the most common mistakes are that all of the kilometers are covered during two days and rest of the days are rest or each runs are the same distance with the same speed. These increases change to get injured and they don’t develop you as a runner.

If your weekly amount of running is low, such as 30km. It would be good to do for the run for example every other day, but don’t run same distance each day, make one of the run longer than others and one faster than others.
Follow this formula as long as your weekly kilometers increase around close to 90km. The higher amount you run during the week the less you will have rest days.

When running each day, separate hard days from easy days. For example, Monday: double run day, Tuesday: one run medium distance, Wednesday: double run day, Thursday: double run day, Friday: shorter run, Saturday: long run and Sunday: short/medium run.
When you have double run day, keep one of the run easier and the other one hard. Shorter run days, take it easy, as these will be your “rest” days. Nothing too hard, just loosening the tight legs.

These are just basic raw, don’t include or take account speed workouts, strength training or anything else.
The main points are:

  • don’t run all of your weekly kilometers during the first couple days of the week and rest the end of it
  • Keep versatility in your training; change speed and distances
  • When you are running each days, take one to two days when running relative easy

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