Overtraining and symptoms

Overtraining means that body is stressed more than it can handle, when it’s not recover well, which leads weaker performance. It can be divided two; acute and chronic. In acute state recovery takes about 1-4 weeks and in chronic states it takes from 3 months even years. Both elite athletes and non-elite athletes can suffer overtraining.

What cause overtraining?
Common cause of overtraining is too fast increase of training, too much of training comparing of rest and recovery time, and other stress factors in life.

There are sympathetic and parasympathetic states. During sympathetic state body’s sympathetic nervous system shakes and works too hard, when heart rate is high, person is tired and restless. In parasympathetic states heart rates does not rise and person feels phlegmatic, depressed, and indifferent. These both states can occur at the same time. Also there can be infection sensibility, more sweating, sleeping problems, lack of interest to training and weaker performance.

If you doubt that you might suffer overtraining, take a contact your doctor or sports specialized doctor. Reduce your training, in some case training must be completely discontinued. Rest is only way to cure overtraining. Also nutrient rich and diverse food contributes to recovery.

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