OTHER: you are not lazy, you are unmotivated

Have you ever look at others and thought about how they have so much energy? How they seem to have everything in their life? And you just struggle to daily life, going to work, surviving basic task, waiting for the weekend. You might have tried to go to the gym or jog after work several times but always, go back to old habits. There will always be a new Monday, new start. How about if you start now and never stop. No more new Mondays and new short time motivation. What makes you as energetic than others?

It’s just my genes…

Scientists have found that people who generate large quantities of AMPK have more energy. Also, thyroid function, adrenaline and other common illnesses affect energy level, but if you are a healthy person or illness is under control there are something else too. And let’s forget genes, you don’t probably even know how much you have AMPK.


Maybe the reason why you feel tired and lazy is that you have tried the wrong things. For example, you want to be physically fit, good health but you don’t like gyms, or you don’t like running. So, you don’t like sports. Really? Have you already tried all the sports that exist?

You need to find things that make you happy, where you can feel success. Of course, things might feel hard and difficult first and you want to give up, but nothing happens overnight. Being happy, good at something and having energy means that you need to challenge yourself. Discomfort is part of the process, you just have to find things that you love so much, you are ready to feel discomfort and pain.


Like I say before nothing happens overnight.

  1. Make list what doesn’t make you happy; your job, weight, fitness level, house, salary, etc.
  2. Think what you need to do those things to get there where you want
  3. Step-by-step – don’t change everything one sit, start somewhere and when you are comfortable, add new things
  4. Share it others – you are who your friends are. Surround yourself with peoples with the same goals and those who support you.

don’t compare yourself to others

Get motivated but don’t compare. Some people might look like they have everything, but you can’t ever know what’s underneath. If you read books about successful people, who have build a billion businesses, you can notice the same things again and again.

They don’t give up if there are some obstacles they just change their plans. Be effective, focus on what are you do. It’s difficult to enjoy your life and have energy if you hate something in your life, for example, if you hate your job, change it. We only live once, the job takes around 8 hours of our day a few decades. Surely, if you hate it, you will waste energy.

Be present, don’t worry what might happen. Seek difference, you will know what you want when you are ready to work for them. So if you are lying on the couch while reading this, and don’t feel happy about something in your life. Remember you can always change that, maybe you don’t discover what you want, yet.

I have had some many clients that are changed their lives during adulthood. Some of them have hated sports younger (not good memories from school PT) and now they love it. They all have admitted, the start wasn’t pretty or easy, but they wanted to lose weight or being healthier, being able to play with kids and be a role model for them.

Think what you want and what really motivates you and start! You are not lazy, you are unmotivated now, but that doesn’t need to be your future.

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