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Blisters, black toenails, detached nails, basically nail technician nightmare and common for runners. Almost every runner have some experience of these and already find the best solutions to avoid them as good as possible and treat them. Beginners and those you have never get any blister from running, don’t worry your time will come, or otherwise, you are somehow lucky, or are you even run?

Personally, I don’t mind blisters or black toenails, I guess that some point you just stop worrying. Of course, during the summertime hammered toes are not pretties. Or if you wear a high heel or anything slightly discomfort shoes.

Often blisters are healing by themselves, and we don’t need to worry about them. If you are diabetic blisters and black toenails can lead to a serious foot ulcer.

How to avoid blister? Shoes, shoes and shoes, the most important thing. Buy always shoes, which are the right size, correct shape and comfortable on your feet. Ask for expert help and try them before buying.

Socks, use dry, sports socks. Again, right size, too big socks can roll inside shoes and too small squeeze toes together. There are also seamless running socks, as sometimes even small seam near toes can be annoying in the long run.

Petroleum jelly is popular for anti-chafing, but I find it too moist and feel like it leaves a greasy layer on the skin surface. I like more Body Glide, it’s the same idea but, not as moist and messy. It also wet resistance so it’s suitable for sweating. Not forgetting it’s suitable for vegan. You can find more here. This is not paid ad, I just find it a good production.

Baby powder works similarly as Body Glide or Vaseline, but it’s messy to apply, as you need to put a good layer. And of course, everything will be covered with white powder after that. But works if you have not any other products, but you have a baby.

What to do once you have done everything to prevent blisters and black toenails and still got some? Blisters often heal by themselves, keep the skin moist and wear loose shoes. Black toenails appear as there is blood under the nail, again if the nail is not painful you don’t need to worry about it, otherwise, see a doctor who can release the pressure under the nail.

Toenails that fall off, it’s common too. They might feel irritable first, but don’t tear it off. You can trim it carefully and give it time to fall off themselves. Again if the nail or toe feels painful or there is extra blood, see the doctor, to avoid any infection.

I can’t even remember how many blisters, dropped toenails I have experiences. They might feel irritable first, especially when trying to put shoes on, but that often wear off soon. Keep areas clean and remember to consult a doctor if something doesn’t look or feel normal.

Happy feet, happy run.

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