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Did you make new year resolution? Do you have a goal that you wish to achieve?

Have you written down your goal? The more important question, have you made a plan?

How to set a goal?

Whether you would like to lose weight, run half marathon, get better results from school, improve your overall health. Whatever your goal is, make sure it’s your goal! You are committed to working for it, it’s something that you really want. We easily tend to listen to others and lost our own interest. It’s easy to see successful people on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and think that’s so cool, I want it too. Stop there, and think do you really want it or do you want it because their life seems to be easy and full of glamour. People often only share their top moments, it’s easy to draw the wrong picture someone else life. We need to find own things, you can always look at motivation, but don’t copy others.

Make a goal that is 100% you!

The goal should make you excited and motivated.

Make a plan, write down your goal and the day, month or year when you would like to achieve it. Plan steps, which will help you during the journey. If you leave behind, don’t be too hard on yourself, sometimes life has other plans. Fix the plan and continue. Remember that often journey is more important than the finish line. Never compare your progress to others, you have your own pace.

For example, if your goal is the lost weight. Take picture of your body, weight and measure yourself. Set the date and amount of weight you will lose by that day. Your goal should be challenging but realistic. Make a plan, hire a coach, make time to exercise, make your own food, reduce takeaways and eating out, list things that will help you. Don’t only list them, but also do them. Make little goals as like a little step which leads you to towards main goals.

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What will you get? Is your goal prize in itself or do you want something? Would you like buy something or maybe go for vacation, but never have to do it? For some people achieving the goal is the prize itself and it’s enough, but you can also set something to even extra motivate you. Put all the money which you could spend junk food aside and save them, buy something nice to you once you have achieved something. Or maybe your goal is to save money, already.

Share your goal to other, you don’t need to be loud if you don’t want, but sharing your goal even one person might help. Choose someone, who might have the same goal, or at least will support you, especially when there are downs, not only in ups.

Remember that the route might not be easy.

Be confident, trust yourself, make it fun, challenging, realistic, time it, write it down, don’t give up, motivate yourself. Enjoy!

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