New Year resolution – tips to achieve them

New year, New me! New Year resolution time is almost here, gyms are full of people in January, sports shop are selling products fast, fridges are filled up healthy food and plan list are filled up. Many of the people last whole month some quit after a week or two.

How to stick your new year resolution?

Start easy:
Make a little plans. For example if you want to lose weight and get fit, don’t go to the gym every day or running 10 km every day if you are not used to. The biggest mistake is starting too hard, making too big changes which your body can’t adapt. Add training little by little, if you skip some training session don’t get mad yourself. Make little changes to your diet, add more greens first, once you have familiar that cut some unhealthy habit.

Divide your resolution:
If you have many resolutions, don’t start all of them immediately. Divide them during the year, for example start something at January and once you are make it habit, start to next one. Or start one at January and next on the March and so on.

Reward yourself:
List things which you have wanted to do or buy, and once you manage to stick your resolution or achieve something reward yourself with those things.

Get help:
Tell your resolution to friends and family. Or make one together and plan. Doing things together motivate more as you are accountable to some on other than you. Or take a part a part sports or hobby club, or get a coach.

Remember taking a little step and making a little changes. It’s difficult to change the life suddenly once you are used to life it so many years.

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